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How it works

  • Pick a competition to enter.
  • Pick how many entries you want and answer a question.
  • Buy your tickets, the more you buy the better the odds.


Absolutely not! We sell the tickets, do the live draw and whoever’s number gets picked will get that prize!! All of our draws have draw dates on and we have never extended past these dates yet. We have already given away cars that have not sold out, so if you spot one that has low ticket odds, get yourself some tickets, as it will go!

A very good and common question – We aim to surprise you!! and want to keep all of our customers on their toes for what is coming next! We will be running competitions from Cash prizes to 900BHP Nissan GTR’s, and then back to a classic 1969 Mini…. We want to have a laugh and want you to as well.

If you have matched your ticket to one of our instant win prizes, normally someone from SDC will be in touch with you within 30 Minutes between the hours of 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.

If you would like to inform us of your win straight away, then please message us via the ‘contact us’ section and we will get your prize straight to you!

If you win a Car we love to meet our winners and we would invite you down for the whole shebang! Winners Jacket and to pop a bottle of bubbly!

Unfortunately not. Our competitions are open to only those aged 18 years and over. ID will be required to obtain your prize should you win.

We have tried various times to approach Paypal to integrate with our website, however this is still ongoing, but we hope to be able to add Paypal to our accepted payment methods very soon!

We have ALWAYS drawn the competitions on the published draw date and we have never extended any competition to date! We will always give the prize we are offering away, and will never offer a % of sales or an alternative prize. We always guarantee to draw the competition, on the date we publish! No extensions here!

As many times as you like!  We have a transaction limit of £399, however you are able to re-enter again if you want to further increase your odds of winning.

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